Does anyone know anything about land?

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    Didn’t know where else to post this as I am not on any relevant forums! Asking as a bit of fun really. I consider myself well informed when it comes to most types of investment but know absolutely nothing about land.

    There is a small piece of land for sale near us which seems very cheap.

    The only unique thing (problem...) with it is that it is basically a hole in the ground. It’s like a massive pothole. It comprises about 10 feet of “rim” around the outside then it drops down very steeply. Steep enough they justified putting wooden railings round it. In the middle it is probably 30 foot deep.

    The reason we are interested in it is it’s extremely close to our parents home and we used to play in it as children. It is full of shrubbery now that has grown over 20 years as high as the top of the dip.

    Maybe we could use it for something?

    I don’t know what could be done with it, I am guessing you could not fill it in and build on it otherwise it would be 100 times as expensive! It's useless for a sibling's business as it has no road connection.

    Best left well alone?
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    My concern would be the problem of liability. Someone had to pay for that fence and has to maintain it. You would need insurance in case some kid was messing around and fell in. There is always the possibility of fly-tipping.

    How about finding it on street map?
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    Thanks, Santa. Fly tipping would be unlikely as no road access, but liability hadn't occurred to me at all. Makes perfect sense.