Worst service ever

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    I have never had such bad service in my life.
    We have a ford transit van with caravan in tow and broke down friday 11th Aug at 6.30 pm,its now sat 6.30pm and we are still waiting for a recovery truck to take us home. I have been told so many times they will be here in 20mins,30mins,40mins and still not here. It has been escalated 3 times and the final time she spoke to the contractors Robertsons, they said they were on there way,they will be 20 mins,I told her I wanted to no where exactly they were,she put me on hold and then came back saying they now said 2 hours,she even admitted this was unacceptable and that they might have to change contractors and to leave it with her,she told me all phone calls and times are recorded.so yet again I'm still waiting. We have a child and 3 dogs with us,stuck by the side of a road. This is absolutely disgusting service from yourselves and I'm going to take this further. You can't treat people like this.
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    Hi @WendyEmbleton
    Welcome to the community and thank you for posting.
    As community manager I don't have access to customers' accounts. Neither to other community members, of course.
    Please do send me a private DM here if I can help with anything today.
    Really sorry to hear of your experience. I hope things are better today. 👍 And that you are all OK.
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