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    Hope this is OK to post.

    At a family dinner yesterday. Older male family member had just had a headlamp bulb fitted at Halfords by a young female employee. He said he was embarrassed standing there while she worked on the car, and would have done it himself if he'd have known.

    I asked why it mattered? Though they couldn't answer, the consensus was such that I was in the minority.

    ( I did cheekily suggest that one should be embarrassed to pay for fitting, regardless of the engineer's gender. 😁 )

    Personally it wouldn't bother me in the slightest, but I am a "millennial"!

    Any views? 🤔
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    Someone's gender doesn't bother me at all. Just like race or accent, it doesn't really register.

    The age element is interesting to me. I guess as I become a person 'of a certain age' I am starting to find myself in situations where people in positions of authority - police, MPs - seem to be very young indeed!
    And so occasionally I can feel a little bit 'past it' and I suspect this feeling might happen more as I get older. Especially in the world of social media and music etc

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    For a few years now I have seen people who look, compared with me, like children, driving cars!! However I'm also just beginning to notice what you experience with police officers and doctors and such.

    Looking at it from their side, I know a family member who joined the police very young. At first they felt very awkward being sent to, say, a domestic between a husband and wife in their mid 40s...as someone under 20 who had never been married, what advice was he supposed to give?

    Have also noticed people mention that some successful people are "too young" but I it has always happened. I believe the founders of Lamborghini were all in their early to mid 20s. Quite a few of the famous watch brands were founded by young men in their 20s. Probably lots more examples!

    There is a saying regarding age gaps - does an older employee have 30 years' experience, or just a years' experience repeated 30 times over?
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    Back in the '70s I did quite a few courses. Manfacturers motorcycle, Plant and diesel, City and Guilds car-related. There were young ladies on some of these courses who not only held their own, but excelled in some aspects.
    I have tried to make this post on numerous occasions, and each time I have re-read it, it always seems patronizing. That is not my intention. Apologies if it comes across like that.
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    I quite like seeing someone doing a job that society perhaps as a general rule wouldn't expect them to be doing. Not just gender-related either. I remember when tattoos were a lot less ubiquitous as they are now and having a male teacher that was covered in them at school, they looked menacing but were one of the kindest teachers!

    I heard from a relative that watches The Sewing Bee, apparently it was said that as a general rule men are supposed to be better at embroidery because of some trait men are said to have that women are less likely to have.
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    @Drivingforfun Only about 3% of truck drivers are female. The last company I worked for before I retired had a young(ish) woman driving a 26-tonner (3 axles). She was an excellent driver and a valued member of the team.

    A decade before that, I worked as an agency driver for a company that handled chilled products. The yard was pretty tight, and watching strange drivers trying to reverse on some of the trickier loading bays could be entertaining. One sunny afternoon a small group of us saw an Irish truck arrive. A man jumped out of the driver's side and went to the office with paperwork. A few minutes later he came out and opened the doors. Then he stood back while the truck was reversed neatly onto the bay. It was a left-hand-drive unit and the driver was a slip of a girl who was obviously yet to see her twentieth birthday. We applauded.