The feeling of learning to drive

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    I often think back to learning to drive and how thrilling it felt to be learning something completely new.

    Obviously, it would be foolish to claim I now know how to drive, as we are all still learning all of the time, but sometimes I want to go back to being a learner just to get that feeling back.

    I guess the obvious answer is to find something new to learn which is useful as well as engaging… but I don’t know what.

    Ideally, I’d like to learn to fly a plane, but that’s cost-prohibited!

    Anyone else ever felt the same? Any ideas? 😀
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    Cool post @Drivingforfun 🤩
    Learning something new is definitely an interesting and rewarding process. And there's something so refreshing about being at the start of a new project, with an open mind and all the possibilities.
    Over the years I've spent small amounts of time learning new things, usually for a few years before moving on. I think 5 years is about average for a new hobby? I read that somewhere.

    I learned photography for a while. Got pretty good at it (or so people told me) but almost overnight the passion and interesting left me. So I sold the cameras/lens and don't miss it a bit.
    I've learned different types of cooking and various 'health' and exercise options. Did running for a while, cycling for a while, hiking for a while. Again, they were fun and interesting for a time.

    Are you serious about wanting to learn to fly a plane?
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    That’s interesting about photography. I was the same with technology, as a teenager/young adult I loved computers and tech and always had to have the latest kit when it came out but almost overnight just forgot about it! I guess you still have the photo skills, so you could go back into it at some point if you wanted to, but if it’s anything like my tech hobby, the skills quickly become outdated! Did you ever go into photo editing (PhotoShop I think?) or was it just taking the pics that interested you?

    As for the flying, quite serious I’d say. I always wanted to be an RAF pilot but got knocked back for medical reasons. I did look into learning to fly before I looked into learning to drive a car…at that point I was unemployed and thought it would get me a career. I had some inheritance that would have got me to “decent amateur” level but I found out that to be a commercial pilot requires either a sponsorship, or to self-fund, around £250,000! I figured out that over a 30-year career you might as well be a train driver; i.e., if you compare the salaries of the two professions i.e. you’d just about make £250k extra over 30 years (in today’s money).
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    Did you ever go into photo editing (PhotoShop I think?) or was it just taking the pics that interested you?
    Ha, I dislike Photoshop with a passion. That may have been partly the reason I stopped. Although I do admire those who use it well and can create some amazing work via editing.

    I found out that to be a commercial pilot requires either a sponsorship, or to self-fund, around £250,000!
    That's, er, a lot of money!

    One thing that does pop into my head from time to time is learning to ride a motorbike. Or more likely these days to be an e-bike or whatever they're called. But I can't help feeling it's a mid-life crisis! And also quite a few people I know have been quite seriously injured on two wheels, so I don't think I'm brave enough.

    And I also wonder about doing something completely non-tech and outdoorsy. Like becoming a forester or ranger or something.
    But maybe that's because the sun is shining at the moment?!
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    A relative is a tree surgeon and has been a ranger in the past. They say it's great in the spring and autumn but in summer it's far too hot, in winter it's just miserable!!
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    I wanted to be a helicopterpilot. Never worked out. As for fixed-wing, check out Denham Aerodrome price list for lessons. Not cheap but they do a 'taster' at relatively reasonable cost.