Lessons: STILL not driving from/to home

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    Hey all

    Some advice, please, about typical timelines for when an instructor allows you to start driving from home at the start of a lesson and back again, after.

    I'm in my 40s, 22 hours in, getting really encouraging and positive feedback on my progress. My instructor is lovely but I don't feel I'm getting the most out of my 1/1/5/2 hour lessons.
    He isn't available evenings, and weekends are sometimes limited, so it's broken up into lunchtime slots and some Saturday afternoons.
    I'd love to pay to learn most days of the week but availability is an issue.

    The time seems to be eaten up with driving over to locations, lengthy chats, some driving, and then switching seats for him to drive me home.

    I don't live in a heavily congested city. The roads around me are fairly quiet residential and no real heavy traffic (of course some narrower roads with cars parked both sides) but these are very similar to where we end up driving to to practice.

    He has mentioned a few times, earlier on, that I'd soon be able to drive straight from home, and I've dropped in a few 'yeah, really looking forward to driving the full lesson' hints - but always when he picks me up i get into the passenger seat, we chat, and off he goes to our practice locations, and at the end he drives me back.

    I appreciate there's no carbon copy formula to these things, but I'm starting to get frustrated that I'm paying the upper part of the UK average for per-hour lessons, and I'm not actually getting a decent amount of that time actually driving.

    I should stress again that my progress is going well, not stuck on the same 'step' lesson after lesson. Our booking app notes are really encouraging.

    Some advice on when the from/to driving should be happening. Even as 'by lesson 4/5/6', or even 'by the time you've tackled junctions/lights/meeting traffic', would be appreciated.

    Thank you
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    I drove from home on my 2nd or 3rd lesson I believe but I did do some "lessons" with my parents beforehand so my instructor was quite confident by the time I started having paid lessons.

    At the end of the day it is the instructor's car and insurance so it is up to him to decide when and where he is happy to let you drive his car.

    May be pointing out the obvious here but you don't mention you have tried, which is just explicitly asking? The worst he can do is say no!
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    Driving schools and instructors vary a lot. If you are not happy with this instructor, you owe them no loyalty and should find one that is more accommodating to your needs.

    One possibility is a more intensive course like those run by BSM and others. https://www.bsm.co.uk/intensive-course