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    I’ve recently started driving after passing test. I only have a small car and get a lot of cars trying to put pressure on me, driving up the back of me all the time, when doing the speed limit. My question is what is an appropriate speed for single carriageway national speed limit roads? I feel I can only do 40 - 45 where there are lots of corners, but sometimes cars behind me just seem to try to put a lot of pressure on me to go faster. Is this too slow (not talking about straight roads, but more winding roads)
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    I still get the feeling that people behind me want me to go faster especially when I am following the 30mph limits in towns and villages. You just have to learn to ignore them, and remember that they can always overtake.

    The same applies to national speed limit roads, you must drive at the speed that you are comfortable with. That said if a queue of cars develops behind you that may be a sign that you are driving a little slowly, in which case it is polite to pull over and let them pass.

    With practise you should find you get more confident but no you don’t have to drive everywhere at 60mph. I have a lot of national speed limit road near me that 60mph is not an appropriate speed to take them.
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    @Drivingforfun thanks that’s a really helpful reminder. I watched a YouTube video regarding appropriate speeds on national speed limits and it’s just reiterated it for me too. Slowing down in plenty of time for corners and bends and going faster on the straights. I’m just going to ignore those behind me, I don’t think I drive too slowly but as they say, you’ll never outrun an aggressive driver behind you.
    I’ll just pull over if I get those types anymore
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    Yep I've always gone by the motto that I'd rather have an idiot in front of me than behind me!

    Now you have passed the test is when you really start learning to drive. If you are into YouTube driving videos I recommend Reg Local. He is a retired police driving instructor and now teaches advanced driving. He has videos on things like gear changing, steering and overtaking.
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    In terms of appropriate speed on winding single carriageway national speed limit roads, the most important thing is to drive at a speed that you feel comfortable with and that allows you to stay safe. Sure, the speed limit may be 60mph, but that doesn't mean you have to go that fast if it feels too risky on a winding road.

    If you're feeling more comfortable going 40-45mph, then go for it! Don't let the tailgaters stress you out or make you feel like you have to speed up. Just stay focused on your driving, keep to the left lane, and let them pass when it's safe to do so.

    At the end of the day, it's better to arrive at your destination a little later and in one piece than to risk an accident just because some other driver thinks they're in a hurry. So drive safe, take your time, and don't let the tailgaters get you down!