conducted a 180-mile round trip

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    Today, I conducted a 180-mile round trip range test in North Texas under relatively flat terrain, 42-degree morning weather, and little to no traffic with a constant speed of 75mph. There were two drivers, and no luggage was present in both the GT and Wind RWD vehicles. After the test, the GT recorded 2.4 miles per kwh, equating to a usable range of 180 miles before turtle mode. In contrast, the Wind RWD had a 3.3 miles per kwh reading, resulting in a 248-mile range before turtle mode. Both cars were in eco mode, and their battery diagnostics showed a usable 75 kwh @ 100% for the 11,000-mile GT and usable 73 kwh @ 100% for the 33,000-mile Wind RWD. The test was performed without aggressive driving, unnecessary passing, drafting, or launching, and both vehicles were set to 70 degrees with the driver heated seat on setting 2, while the cabin air was not set to driver only.
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    Hi! Thank you for sharing the details of your range test. It appears that the Wind RWD had a higher efficiency than the GT, resulting in a longer range before reaching turtle mode.
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