I Don't know, but as a learner driving

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    On my very first lesson my driving instructor had me driving up and down a busy road. No practicing in the car park, learning the gears, how not to stall the car etc. Literally just climbed in and was told to hit the pedal.And did any of them pass eventually, or did you need to tell them to forget learning to drive entirely?
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    I can say with all certainty that I have never seen a civilian driving instructor teach anyone how to drive. They teach to pass the test. That's it. Learning to drive takes a long time and many miles. Different traffic conditions, road conditions and weather conditions all have to be learnt. Over the years I have met many people who will not drive in the dark, in the rain, on motorways, or if they think the traffic will be too heavy etc, yet they all possess licences.
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    Way back in 1961, my father taught me to drive. I spent an hour with an instructor in his driving school car, learning to pass the test after having failed the first time.

    My father used to collect me from work in the middle of Cardiff and I drove home through the rush hour.
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    I originally learnt to drive at an Army Driving School in 1967. It was a 3 month course. Had to learn the current Highway Code word-for-word, and prove we understood it. Drove miles around a layout in the camp before being allowed on the road. There was a no-prisoners-taken policy if you did anything wrong on the test which was around the nearest town centre.
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    I feel like I had it very easy after reading this! I passed first time after 10 lessons -- as said they taught me to pass the test -- but what I think what taught me to drive was dozens of hours driving my parents around. I'd drive them instead of them driving themselves whenever they needed to use the car.

    My Grandfather learnt to drive in the army and apparently there was a common training method for hill starts whereby an apple was placed under the wheels which was yours if you didn't run it over. My Granddad's instructor used a similar method however was told he was going to eat the apple regardless of whether he failed the hill start or not!!