RAC Application Process. COVID-19.

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    Hello all! I haven't seen any information about applying and the recruitment process at the moment so thought I'd share what I've gone through!

    So first of all using the RAC jobs website I found a roadside technician role that suited me.

    I filled out the standard 20 questions (rather difficult and some may not be too useful to know anyway) take your time and don't rush think about the questions and you should be fine.

    After passing the 20 questions and submitting my application I was contacted by phone to set up a Microsoft teams interview. In this interview you are asked more technical questions and as long as you have a basic knowledge of electrics (I haven't done alot but using common sense you can work out the answers) you'll be fine you are asked 25 questions. 13 or less and you fail the interview. 14 - 18 and you'll be asked some scenarios after. 19+ and you pass. I managed to score 16. The scenarios you are asked are basic and just remember to always think of the customer and treat them as a friend or family.

    After this interview you'll be called to say whether you're through to the next stage. If you have passed they'll schedule another interview with you. During this interview they're just trying to guage your grasp of the English language, how well you talk and they'll ask you some things about your past. All you have to do is answer the questions and speak confidentially and you should be ok.

    After I passed these two interviews I was then contacted by a local RAC technician to go out on roadside with him. He said I could stay on his shift as long as I wanted and leave when I want. I stayed with him for 5 hours and during this time we did a couple of jobs. All he wanted to see was be interact with the customers. As long as you arnt awkward with them and get along well with the technician you should be ok.

    I am now waiting to hear the final decision but I am very confident I have passed the application process.

    It's all fairly straightforward and if you can't pass through it I wouldn't worry too much about it just get some more experience with customer service and vehicle electrics and try again.

    If anyone needs more info let me know 😁
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    Just received a call back I've been successful and got the job! Can't wait to start!
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    How long was it from your final interview until they offered you the job?

    I have went through the whole technical and competency interview process for a roadside technician job. On the final interview, I was told I know within 7 days of the decision. It’s been 10 days now and no word yet.

    They never said they I’d have to go out with a local
    roadside technician before they made the decision. Just that I’d be going out for a week or 2 after the 2 week initial training if I was successful.

    Do you know if they contact you either way of your successful or not?

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    @Jordan8w thanks for this- did my second stage of the interview today, I wasn’t told if I passed or not.
    think I did ok! 🙏
    how are you finding it? this is my second time applying, the process is really good as at the time I could tell I wasn’t ready to be a patrol- 6 years later seemed to be a lot better due to having more experience.
    stay safe