I want to counter the threads where people report poor service as I know most people only post when they have a problem. I’m not saying they don't have a right to if they had poor service but I want to share my experience.

Yesterday I hit some debris on the way to hospital in my Motability car puncturing the tyre badly. I couldn't use the can of foam. We called Motability Assist and an RAC man turned up. We were a while from home (50 miles) and the people on the phone wanted the car to go to a garage near to where we currently were.

The man who came out queries this and thinks it would be more sensible for the car to go to a garage near my house in case they can’t source a tyre straight away and need to keep the car overnight. This would save us a trip and would save RAC paying for another taxi for us to come and collect the car. We agree and he takes the car away. A taxi takes us home.

The next day we get a call to inform us the car is with a local tyre garage. The RAC man from yesterday has transported my car all the way there! By 2pm we get a call from the tyre place and it's all done. We turn up to find not 1 tyre but 2 new matching premium tyres on the car and nothing to pay.

Now, I'm not sure how much of this is RAC and how much was down to Motability but all I can say is it was a great service, very smooth, good communication all round.

Finally, the RAC guy would not accept a small tip. I just want to say thanks to Oleg (hope it’s spelt right).