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    Stung by a Used Car Dealer - Help!!
    02-06-21 , 13:11

    Hello All,
    In April, I saw what looked like a good value used car on Auto Trader. The dealership was about 200 miles away, so I could not go and view the car - but the dealer had good feedback, the car seemed like a great deal, in good condition. On top of this the advert stated that the car has had 'loads of work done' and had ' no issues' and came with a 6 month warranty. I phoned and talked to the dealer and all seemed great, they could deliver the car to me for only £100. I went for the deal, and paid a deposit. The car was delivered the next day. But the driver was in a real rush and wanted to get away quickly for his long journey home.. I gave the car a once over, and took it for a short test drive - but this was all I had time for before the driver had to go. It then transpired that he hadn't brought the warranty information with him - this would be sent on his return.

    Over the next few days / week I started to notice a few issues with the car.. Notably the car blows a fair amount of black smoke on acceleration - not around town but out on the A roads - and the gear stick moved backwards and forwards on acceleration and deceleration (the car had a recon gearbox 2 months before my purchase). I messaged the dealer asking where my warranty details were - and was told they would be sorted.
    Another week passed and still no details, so I called them and spoke to the dealer. He assured me that these issues were 'normal for my car' and that he would send the warranty details for my peace of mind.
    After a further week with no detail, I sent them an email using their website stating the issues again and asking for my warranty. After a few more days I sent a direct email to the dealer. After a further week of no replies, I left bad feedback on AutoTrader. Still no replies so I called again, only to be torn off a strip by the dealer for leaving bad feedback!!
    However, I finally was sent details of the warranty... As it transpires - he hadn't arranged the warranty till my latest call as I had "P****ed him off" I agreed with the dealer to take the car to my local garage, have them assess the issues, and then he asked me to phone him back before talking to the warranty company.

    I booked the car into the garage and they found that the movement in the gearstick could be caused by the gear linkages not being fitted correctly, possibly damaged linkages. More worryingly, they could not assess the smoking as the car is leaking diesel onto the exhaust from a leaking fuel filter housing and making the car dangerous to drive.!!!! I tried to call the garage, but couldn't get through again. So I called the warranty company for advice, to be told that neither issue would be covered by warranty as they dont cover leaks and the gear linkage was a pre-existing issue.
    The next day I tried calling the dealer again, and ended up in an hour long row, in which I was told that I had messed up the warranty by calling them before talking to the dealer. That is is perfectly normal for a 12 year old car to leak fuel and it was nothing to worry about. That my local garage is just trying to make money out of me... I asked him what my options are and the only option he has given me is to take the car back to him for his mechanics to have a look. When I said that I cannot drive the car as its dangerous to drive - he basically said rubbish and its my problem to take the car back...
    I cannot afford to get the car towed back the 200 miles to the dealer, and even if I did I wouldn't want their mechanics working on it if they feel a fuel leak is 'normal'!! What should I do?? A small claims claim could take months and cost more money? All the while my car is off the road? Should I pay to get the car fixed and then proceed against them in small claims? Or would the court say that I should have taken the car back?

    Help please????
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    12-06-21 , 19:39

    Contact Citizens advice bureau (CAB), they will help you to sort things out, fuel leaking is not acceptable.
    By law law, the car has a 6 months warranty from the dealer not a third party, you can also return the car within 30 days.
    I am unsure how you stand legally about getting the car back to the dealer but CAB will know.
    The black smoke suggests faulty injectors.