Ford Fiesta 1.5 tdci Strange Power Loss Issue

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    Hi Guys, I’m having a strange power loss issue with my Fiesta which I hope someone might have some suggestions for!
    It’s a 2014 1.5 tdci with around 55k on the clock.
    So recently the car has been having losses of power when driving along - my foot will be on the accelerator and suddenly the power will disappear. Pushing harder on the accelerator still results in no power but if I lift my foot off and re-press the pedal then the power comes back. This also seems to result in the power train malfunction light being displayed on the dash.

    Now the strange part of all this is that it only started to happen after I replaced one of the brake light bulbs, and it only occurs when the lights are on! I drove several hundred miles over the weekend without the lights on and there were absolutely no issues - but as soon as I turn either the side or main headlights on, the issue along with the warning light appears!

    I feel like it’s too much of a coincidence for the issue not to be connected to the bulb replacement. The new bulb was just one of Halfords own brand and as far as I’m aware they were no issues with the installation.

    Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance
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    Check that you have used the correct bulb in the brake lights, it looks as though the wrong bulb has been installed, if only one side brake light was changed use the other side bulb as a guide.

    If that is not the cause, I would suggest getting it diagnosed using live data to see what is going on.
    If you have a Bosch car service in your area, they have properly trained technicians.
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    Hi, did you resolve this power lose issue ?
    thanks Sean
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    Hi, just had the exact same problem with my ford, similar mileage same model and year. Replaced my brake light switch and accelerator pedal as obd scanner was showing issue with it, as when I turn my headlights on I lose power from accelerator pedal, wondering what it could be?