Ford Focus 2002 heaters!

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    Hi guys, I purchased my first focus today, a 2002 3dr 1.6. the heaters inside the car do not work on 1,2,3 or 4. i checked the fuse, that is fine. what else could it be?

    Also, the previous owner has put a after market head unit in the car, made a mess of the wiring. does anyone has a diagram of the wiring or does anyone know what color goes to the drivers door speaker as that's the only one that doesn't work.

    Silly question now but i can't for the life of me find the switch to turn my fog lights on, where is it?

    Thanks guys! Jordan.
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    @jordan99 I'm hoping by now you've fixed the problem, but for anyone else using the forum to fix issues with their Ford Focus, I'll reply anyway 😁
    I had the same issue when I got my 2002 Focus; blowers only working on the 4th setting. It's the heat resistor which is a bit fiddly but easily fixed. It's located behind the glove box so a right squeeze but I got the part delivered free from Amazon for less an a tenner or Halfords have them for about £15.

    And you need to pull the headlight dial, on the right-hand side of steering wheel, to switch on your for lights 😁