Help needed! Anti Pollution Fault & Engine Management light (Peugeot 207)

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    First time poster, so please bear with me, might be a bit long.
    So tonight I was driving home when a message flashed up on the display 'anti pollution fault' and the engine management light came on. I got home 5 mins later and the fan was on, didn't go off for a while.
    We checked the water, which was below minimum and topped it up - no warning light came on for the water being low - is there not one?
    Not sure if that is related anyway, or a seperate issue?
    It has also been a bit 'jumpy/stuttery' for a while, but I thought nothing of also went from 174 miles to 224 (according to the display) in the space of 5 minutes which was a bit odd?
    I'm a bit worried that it's going to end up being an expensive fault, been lucky with it so far!
    Thank you.
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    Steel seal is a quick fix that normally works. Dodgy dealers and car traders tend to use it.
    You will be keeping the car so get the job done right and then you wont need to worry about future breakdowns. The new gasket will last years.

    I would avoid any mechanic that charged me £125 for some steel seal and an oil change. Steel seal is under £20. Oil filter £5. Oil £20 (check the prices at Euro Car Parts online). That means his labour charge is £80. Most garages charge £40-£50 an hour and this will take 15 minutes.

    I advise you have this job done by a good recommended garage that has done this work before so it knows what it is doing.
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    You have not given any mandatory details, such as model, year, engine, miles covered.
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    When I say it went from 174 to 224 miles, I mean fuel left - sorry, wasn't very clear.
    It is a 1.4, 09 plate, 54,000 miles ish.
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    The fan running on after shut down can sometimes occur but may help to find the fault. The antipollution light is indicating that the fuel/air mixture is incorrect. The 'stuttery' symptom may also be connected as a misfire or partial misfire can trigger the antipollution light. The low coolant level combined with these other symptoms could be pointing to a head gasket issue.
    Loss of coolant with no visible external leaks is most often due to a head gasket failure. This causes the air/fuel mixture to be wrong and this is detected by the second sensor in the exhaust.
    As the antipollution light has been on take the car to a good garage for a diagnostic check. This will include a compression check, a head gasket check (bubbles in the coolant reservoir and a dropping level with the thermostat open), and a full read of all the diagnostic data to locate the problem.
    Until you can get this done, fill the coolant reservoir to the max line and check it after your next journey. If it needs topping up again then more than likely a head gasket issue. You are not alone.

    This is a really common fault on this engine (Google for lots of similar stories) and in my opinion Peugeot should have recalled all 207s and replaced the head gaskets under warranty or a recall. But they will not.
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    Thanks for your reply hometune, but that wasn't what I wanted to hear! I got in it this morning and the fan came straight on, so I left it and walked.
    Have spoken to the mechanic we use and he's coming out to look at it tomorrow, but how likely is it to be the head gasket, and how much generally are they to repair do you know?
    He initially said he thinks it could be the 'thermostat housing and sensor' then when I told him about the fan this morning he said it sounds like it has some sort of air lock and if I drive it, could cause major damage to the engine - which I don't want obviously.
    If this is a common fault with this model, then surely Peugeot should do something about it....
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    I don't think you have read my post properly. Forget thermostats and and air locks if the water level keeps going down and there is no evidence of external leakage. Check there is no bubbling of coolant out of the expansion tank cap. It will very likely be the head gasket. There are separate issues with the thermostats on these as well plus the wiring to the ECU that corrodes. Welcome to the world of French quality cars.
    The fan is coming on because the temperature sensor is in air and giving a false overheating signal to the engine computer (ECU).
    You can use Google and type in - Peugeot 207 head gasket - and see how many hundreds of hits you get especially on Peugeotforums.
    Take your complaint up with Peugeot UK customer services: if it is the head gasket.
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    Hi, sorry, I may not have fully understood. I don't know a thing about cars, and excuse me for saying something silly, but where is the expansion tank? I have already googled head gasket faults and scared myself silly. Am I wrong in thinking if it were the head gasket, that the car wouldn't start or would send horrendous when doing so? Or is that incorrect?
    I have owned this car from 10 months old and it's been good so far, my dad always said never to touch French cars!
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    Also, as it's now 6 years old, Peugeot won't be interested will they? I read something about it being a known fault on the 8v and Peugeot fixing it, but I think mine is the 16v one?
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    Hi - bit of an update, the mechanic has just been out to check my car, he revved the engine and white smoke poured out of the exhaust, checked the oil cap and it was covered in white gunk, released the pressure in the radiator and the fan went off. Explained about how the HG is made up, with the Pistons, and said the water in mine is mixed with the oil, so it's burnt through (?)
    Said he can replace HG and do oil change, but then mentioned a liquid sealant called 'steel seal' - has anybody heard of it at all? He said he can run it through and it can 'fix' it, said if it doesn't work, he can deduct the price of it (£125 inc oil change) off the price of a new gasket so I don't lose out. What do you think, worth it or shall I just go straight for the new gasket?
    I need to be able to trust the car, because I have children in it daily, don't want to try something for it to make it worse, or not fix it, that's all.
    Thank you.
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    That's bang on Hometune, when I was having up tyres fitted yesterday, a customer came in to collect their car, after an oil & filter change. It was £59 inc. Vat.....................But I noticed they charge £45 for an MOT, and £70 for a re-gas for air conditioning?..............I paid £49 for that last year, so that was a bit steep?
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    Some modern longlife DPF friendly oils are expensive so £59 is maybe right depending on the make and model of the car.
    MOTs are competitive and most now offer discounts to get the trade so £45 is about average. The max is just over £54.
    The aircon gas is mega expensive stuff, you need special equipment and a licence so there are costs to consider.
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    Thanks for your reply hometune, but that wasn't what I wanted to hear! I got in it this morning and the fan came straight on, so I left it and walked.