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  • Illegally parked car
    Never agree to resolve an issue privately rather than go through insurance. Been there, done that and it cost me. If you are in some areas of... see more
  • Suzuki Ignis 2017 Issues and Advice - MOT passed but mechanic says it shouldn't have
    Take it back and shop somewhere else. If the garage said there was nothing wrong with the car but an independent mechanic said there was, makes you... see more
  • Illegally parked car
    Long story short. Fire services called. Road inaccessible due to illegally parked cars. Fire truck with monster bumpers arrives. Forces a path... see more
  • Bought a used vehicle with unknown MOT advisories
    You can check previous MOTs here: https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history These results cannot be changed by a garage or dealer. As far as I am... see more
  • Bought a used vehicle with unknown MOT advisories
    Hi all I purchased a used vehicle from a large RAC approved dealer, they stated they had carried out the 82 point inspection and fully serviced the... see more
  • Illegally parked car
    I am sure you are correct. My wife has been sorely tempted to "accidentally" scratch cars that block her wheelchair's progress. In my time as an... see more
  • Illegally parked car
    A relative, while in the police, was told to investigate an incident where a mobility scooter scraped quite a nice car that was illegally parked,... see more
  • is my battery dead ? what should I do ?
    Ok after a week into this what i did was charge it up with a 6 amp ordinary charger and only got it to part charged but the car started and then my... see more
  • Which Turanza
    Reading through your post, the only way I see is to compare the qualities, and the tread pattern. If they are all the same then I would just go by... see more
  • Illegally parked car
    Yes, you must leave it to the insurance companies to resolve. I agree that it sounds pretty scammy. The whole brother-in-law's trade insurance... see more
  • Which Turanza
    My wife's car has Bridgestone Turanza T005 tyres all round. A couple of weeks ago she was away at a friend's when the NSF tyre was irrepairably... see more
  • RAC Won't recover my car
    Hi @Dimebag Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. 👍 As community manager I don't have access to customer accounts. Neither do other... see more
  • Tips for driving in Europe
    Prepare for driving in Europe by ensuring you have necessary documents and considering RAC European Breakdown cover, fill up on fuel before leaving... see more
  • Illegally parked car
    Hi all, I was hoping to get a bit of advice. Last Fri my wife was at the hospital and because of an illegally parked car had to to a tight manoeuvre... see more
  • Suzuki Ignis 2017 Issues and Advice - MOT passed but mechanic says it shouldn't have
    Hi there some advice would be very much appreciated as I don't know very much about cars Recently purchased a used 2017 Suzuki ignis from a large... see more
  • Qashqai front light
    Specific questions like this are best asked in a forum dedicated to that model. ​​​​​​​https://www.qashqaiforums.co.uk/ see more
  • Service plan refund
    Rang up and it turns out my parents sold their car, x years and 9 months into ownership. The plan either didn't transfer or the new owners didn't... see more
  • RAC Won't recover my car
    Hi. I have the top level of cover for breakdown, I logged a call yesterday morning at 6AM. I waited until 11AM for someone to attend after the time... see more
  • is my battery dead ? what should I do ?
    Thanks everyone a few days on what i think i was doing wrong was testing the voltage as i was actually charging the battery without removing it from... see more
  • Insurance claim
    FWIW: I contacted the Ombudsman a few years ago and was advised to request a set of the Terms and Conditions under which they payout third party... see more
  • is my battery dead ? what should I do ?
    I am into RC models, and I have a host of NiMh, NiCad, Lead Acid,LiFe, LiIon and LiPo batteries. I also have a battery charger which copes with them.... see more
  • Insurance claim
    Firstly, to clarify, statute of limitation in damage only crashes is 6 years from date of crash or date of knowledge whichever is the sooner. Hence... see more
  • Insurance claim
    1. Since you aren't making a claim, there will be no cost to you, apart from a probable premium increase at renewal (which would have happened... see more
  • Who’s at fault
    So you see a police car performing a 3 point turn, and rather than wait a few moments you decided to drive past, and at such a speed that the... see more
  • is my battery dead ? what should I do ?
    @Pandrop Less than a year old battery with a 5 year warranty. Use the warranty and get it exchanged, but never mention that you tried to charge it as... see more