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  • Stupid chemistry question
    I have to say that I love this type of question. I didn't know the answer and after some googling I'm still not sure. It looks like the answer is,... see more
  • Anyone started their garden yet?
    Good catch, I certainly wouldn't want to harm them. ​​​​​​​The issue is that my house (and garden) seems to be a cut through for the cats to get... see more
  • Anyone started their garden yet?
    I read that lavender is toxic for cats rather than a deterrent. Assuming that you don't wish to harm them, I suggest an ultrasonic cat scarer. I have... see more
  • Stupid chemistry question
    Just wondered if anyone here happens to know the answer to a random question I was reading about a few substances that exist which have an... see more
  • Dual carriage way
    I would have said they were on a shout and needed past but then why go into the filling station?? Could be they were on a call out but then were... see more
  • Dual carriage way
    So im new to driving this morning had shock of my life when 3 police bikes seemed to be following me i was a little panicked , assuming id be pulled... see more
  • Anyone started their garden yet?
    Mine has been a little ignored, and I'm not blessed with green fingers - any advice is welcome - I've done little more than keeping the grass mowed... see more
  • Anyone started their garden yet?
    That's how our garden started, just a few herbs for the kitchen and a few tomatoes in buckets. But with the ridiculous price of vegetable in the... see more
  • What made me happy today
    Got home in the early hours and found my usual parking slot available. The neighbourhood cats formed a great welcoming committee, albeit driven by... see more
  • What Gave Me 'The Hump' Today
    Went to Dorset yesterday and came home in the early hours of this morning along the A303. To me, that journey was the Highway to Hell personified.... see more
  • Anyone started their garden yet?
    Our garden is quite small, maybe 20 x 30ft, so is quite easy to maintain. My wife does all of the flower stuff, and I just keep out of her way in my... see more
  • Unionization
    And maybe Stellantis workers are now regretting unionization.... see more
  • Legal Care Plus - clarity around cover for other family members
    Thanks for the reply. I've read the policy booklet through, it isn't clear. I'll call RAC directly - there isn't an email address. Sometimes it's... see more
  • Insurance claim
    @TC1474 If an insurance company shows a lack of cooperation or takes a lazy approach to settling the claim, what options does the claimant have? see more
  • Illegally parked car
    It's frustrating when a car is parked in front of my house without asking. Not only does it inconvenience me, but it also restricts my ability to use... see more
  • Turned into the wrong(opposite)lane
    If you weren’t caught you should be fine, I wouldn’t worry I don’t think there’s a specific offence of driving on the wrong side of the road,... see more
  • Why wouldn't this work?
    Not quite 100 years ago but the addition of an overdrive unit was very popular back in the day.... see more
  • Turned into the wrong(opposite)lane
    Hi! I’m used to driving on the right side of the road as I’m Ukrainian, and now I’m driving in UK. today after traffic light was green I turned into... see more
  • Driving with Anemia
    @Mark07 I do not have diabetes but anemia. I was driving one day and I became anxious and I was driving slower than normal and hovering my foot... see more
  • Driving with Anemia
    @Beelzebubi ​​​​​​​I had already informed DVLA and surrended my license and then I got it back. My doctor told me that there should not be any... see more
  • Anyone started their garden yet?
    Our garden has got totally out of hand. The professionals are coming on Wednesday to make a start. see more
  • Illegally parked car
    @Md01 ​​​​​​​Hopefully, that will be the end of it, but we have seen cases where insurance claims pop up a long time after the event. see more
  • Driving with Anemia
    Not having a go at you, Beelzebub, more the system after reading the .gov page - I'm not sure that their attempt to riddle an individual with guilt... see more
  • Driving with Anemia
    O, are you aware that you may need to report anxiety to the DVLA/ see https://www.gov.uk/anxiety-and-driving ""You must tell DVLA if you... see more
  • Driving with Anemia
    Hi @Carolina, Welcome to the Community. As long as you don't mind sharing this with other members, what are the symptoms you experience that... see more
  • Anyone started their garden yet?
    It's very common here to grow vegetables in 5 gallon buckets due to the bugs and the drought. Perfect soil and easy to net to keep hungry critters... see more
  • Driving with Anemia
    I would like to know if anyone has had anxiety when they have had anemia and how did they overcome this please. I have been driving for 35 years... see more
  • Mot recovery
    Santa is right. In this circumstance, the car would not be considered road worthy and therefore would not be supported by a policy. We can... see more
  • Automatic & Manual licence
    Just my opinion but I don't really see the point in a distinction I feel I was probably more of a risk driving an automatic for the first time as... see more