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  • Road rage
    Interesting to know, Rolebama. I think I made a thread on the topic on this forum, but I always assumed others assume the horn to be an aggressive... see more
  • Untaxed cars
    @Rolebama The rate across the UK as a whole is 1.3 per cent, which doesn't sound quite so alarming. I suspect that a great many of them are not... see more
  • Untaxed cars
    I have read that a lot of people who have £0 tax vehicles don't realise that they still need to "tax" their cars every year by going through the... see more
  • Road rage
    I use my horn as intended. To let others know I am there. Have avoided a few accidents over the years, and have had quite a few apologies. Commonest... see more
  • Untaxed cars
    According to this article, there are half a million untaxed cars on the road. Makes me wonder why. |Is it because they can't get tax because of lack... see more
  • Road rage
    I lied slightly - I have used it when I saw my Mum walking along the pavement - to offer her a lift!!! Never used it at another vehicle, though. 😂 see more
  • Road rage
    Impressive @Drivingforfun ! I've def used the horn a few times in 5 years. I think mostly when a traffic light goes from red to green and the driver... see more
  • Road rage
    Marc I tend to have that attitude a lot on the road, actually in life, someone would probably think I am into "weed" but have never touched the... see more
  • Road rage
    I reckon that's the best way of dealing with it. If you can laugh at it. So long as it's not keeping you up at night with worry? see more
  • Guidance needed after accident
    @Beelzebub and @Drivingforfun. Thanks for taking the time to respond - really appreciate it. And yes, have learnt the hard way that a dashcam would... see more
  • Assistance Needed with Parking Ticket Situation
    @NataileJackson The police don't issue parking tickets in London. Aren't there payment instructions on the ticket? see more
  • Guidance needed after accident
    You did the right thing by telling the insurer. First, because you're legally obliged to, and second because the other driver's insurer is already... see more
  • Road rage
    Marc, no, it was a pickup truck without any branding on it, not a lorry, sorry probably should have made that clearer. I found his attitude funny... see more
  • Guidance needed after accident
    No help in hindsight I accept But I think the mistake was telling the insurance co. if you intended to pay for repairs yourself Her premiums... see more
  • Dreadful customer service
    It used to be good but not today. They already changed appointments 4 times today from morning 11 am now their rescue team coming Between 5-8 pm is... see more
  • New car
    Great, Drivingforfun. see more
  • Assistance Needed with Parking Ticket Situation
    I obtained a parking ticket whilst at the market in London with iur rental car. Is there a way I can pay on-line or ought to I go to a police station... see more
  • Pulled over for a wee in SOS hard shoulder area, BIG TROUBLE?
    Hi @Jamesddobbs Have you seen this BBC news article about a bloke fined for littering after he had a wee in a layby? see more
  • Guidance needed after accident
    Hi all, my daughter was hit by a small truck last Thursday. She was in the right-hand lane turning right at a roundabout (A130/A12 - Howe Green). ... see more
  • Humour
    Stupid is when people race through life so fast that wisdom can't catch up. see more
  • EBay stupid email
    Out of curiosity, has anyon else with an EBay account had this? Email received this morning pretty much demanding I give feedback for items I... see more
  • M5 split levels: 50 years of 'iconic' Somerset viaduct
    Just seen pictures. Feel a trip out coming in the New Year. Weather permitting. see more